Hello, world! It is without a doubt that America’s need for clean energy continues to grow stronger. More and more people are switching to solar for this reason, or because they want to lower their monthly power bill! If going green or even becoming energy independent interests you, then meet Solar4America!

Solar4America by SolarJuice is a trusted leader in the solar and roofing industries and has been providing effective solar and energy storage solutions to consumers since 2009. Our experience is now combined with that of a veteran international executive team who will be providing guidance as we move forward into an exciting period of prosperity for the clean energy sector in the United States.

If you’re from California, there is a good chance that you recognize the Solar4America brand!

Our corporate headquarters are located in Livermore California. Nation-wide coverage is our priority, but we have offices all around the nation with services available now in Nevada, Colorado, Texas, and Florida.

 While we have traditionally provided roofing and solar installation services, Solar4America is proud to offer multiple products that can be purchased direct from our eCommerce website! From solar panels, batteries, and all-in-one systems to whole DIY kits for your RV, boat, or home – if you are looking for solar powered products, we can provide them!

Additionally, we are excited to announce that our cloud monitoring software, Apollo, has been released and is ready for use! Want to check on your system performance when away from home? Apollo lets you do that from anywhere with an internet connection, from your own device.

We’ll say it again!

SolarJuice has been a front-runner in the solar and roofing industries since founding in 2009 but you shouldn’t take just our word for it… If our years of experience don’t speak for themselves, perhaps some of our more noteworthy installations will! Our company has completed roofing and solar contracts for the Marlin’s Stadium and the Amway Center in Florida as well as the Avaya Stadium in California!

You may be aware that SolarJuice acquired one of the nation’s largest full-service roofing and solar providers, PetersenDean Inc., in 2021. In order to take advantage of their experience in the industry, SolarJuice has retained the talent from this organization. We are happy to pledge that past PDI customers will be serviced in time.

For more information or even a project estimate, please visit our main website at https://www.solarjuiceamerica.com/ or our eCommerce website at https://www.shop.solarjuiceamerica.com. Not interested in visiting a website? Call us today at 888-575-1940

Visit our website or call us today!

If your roof is leaking, your power bill is becoming too expensive, or you want to add solar to a vehicle, boat, or building yourself, Solar4America can help! We look forward to serving you high-quality products and being the #1 smart energy solution provider for your home and business!

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