Solar Battery Storages are quickly becoming a must!

Security and convenience

In today’s renewable energy market, there is no better way to protect your solar investment and secure against blackouts than with Solar Battery Storage!


Can solar keep my power on during a blackout?

Yes! With Enphase all-in-one solar+storage, you can have total protection from blackouts. During the day, your solar panels will charge your batteries and provide energy to your home. At night, your batteries will provide energy to your home.

Will my appliances work during a blackout?

Yes! With Enphase all-in-one solar+storage, you can size your system to backup just the essentials or every appliance in your home! The flexible design of Enphase solar+storage enables you to start small and add more backup in the future as your needs grow.

How long will my batteries last during a blackout?

Depending on the size of your Enphase solar+storage system, and the amount of energy you use, you can power your home day after day during an outage. Your Solar4America solar professional will help you determine the right size system for your home and lifestyle.

Are energy backup systems safe?

Yes! Enphase solar+storage systems utilize the safest residential battery chemistry available. It won’t explode if punctured, it’s cobalt-free, and it’s based on voltage like the rest of your home.

Will I need multiple apps to control everything?

With Enphase solar+storage, you can monitor and control the generation, storage and usage all within a single app on your smartphone.

Are energy storage systems reliable?

Enphase solar+storage systems are incredibly reliable. Collectively, Enphase products undergo one million hours of testing, but that’s not enough. Thanks to the modular design of Enphase solar+storage systems, if a battery or microinverter fail, the rest of the system keeps running. It’s like having a backup for your backup.