Be the brightest home on the block while your neighbors are in the dark 

Convenience for your home

Energy storage is the best way to keep your home running. When you add a backup battery to your home you are investing in the future of what might happen. In the case of an outage or blackout, the backup will keep essentials like fridge, lights, and electronics on to keep your family moving.

Blackouts are brighter with Solar+ Storage The only all-in-one smart energy system

  • Safe – The safest residential battery chemistry available, with voltage like the rest of your home.
  • Powerful – Start small, go big, or grow over time – with Solar+ storage, you’re in control.
  • Reliable – In the unlikely event a microinverter or battery fails, the rest of the system keeps running.

The PERFECT addition

Energy Storage is the perfect way to add security to powering your home. You can use your solar system to charge the battery and lower your need to buy from the electric company in the evening. Managing your system is simple with a single smartphone app that shows the generation, storage and usage of your system.