6000W Charge/Discharge Rate

Charge from Grid or Solar system

Online monitoring

10-year Warranty

S4A-HYBRID Power System

The S4A-HYBRID is designed for easy installation and puts you in control when it comes to power management, whether it is emergency back-up power or everyday savings. We engineer our systems to meet your needs now and future-proof them for the challenges of tomorrow. We’re now offering a state-of-the-art energy back-up solution.


Add to existing PV

Charge from Grid

“Plug & Play” Installation

10-year Warranty

S4A-AC Battery System

S4A-AC is a high-quality inverter that can store energy into S4A-BAT58 battery. The inverter can be used to optimize self-consumption, store in the battery for future use, or feed-in to the public grid. Work mode depends on the battery and the user’s preference. It can provide power for emergency use during the grid loss by using the energy from the battery.


Scalable to 23.2kWh

Compact Design

90% depth of discharge

10-year Warranty


Solar4America is excited to announce the launch of their new power high-voltage battery solution. Boasting a 6,000 cycle lifespan with a 10-year warranty and 90% depth of discharge, the new battery is a flexible, practical, high-performance energy storage solution.

Battery Backup Solutions

The Solar4America home energy system offers the most flexible, reliable and affordable energy management solutions to our customers. Our inverters and battery systems can work in hybrid mode in both DC and AC coupled modes. Whether you want to install a new solar and energy storage combo system or you just opt to install an energy storage system without solar for emergency power usages.

Our system can work flexibly to fit your actual needs. We design our products to withstand the harshest working environments and our LFP battery technology are the safest technology available today. We stand behind the systems we sell giving you assurance that our equipment will are built to last. Our Solar4America monitoring and maintenance cloud software provide constant monitoring to the health of your system.